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About Jimena Carmona


Jimena Carmona

María Jimena Carmona is an italian-argentinian pianist and  orchestra  conductor .

She is  the principal conductor of the chamber orchestra“Nuevos Aires Argentinos’’ she founded in 2012.

Together with her orchestra Maria Jimena Carmona tourd Argentina.

She had conducted a several occasions Ensemble of the Philharmonic orchestra of Buenos Aires and the Symphonic orchestra of the Colon Theatre.

María Jimena is also very experienced conductor of contemporary music, haven been principal conductor of her own ensemble " The contemporary ensamble".She has also founded and began principal conductor of choir Raggio and Esnaola in Buenos Aires.

As a producer she also made two different shows with instruments and media for children and adults.

In the UK Maria Jimena has conducted the London Soloist Symphony orchestra and the St Andrews  Symphony orchestra.

Other orchestras; María Jimena conducted the Constanta Symphony Orchestra and Bacau Symphony Orchestra (Romania) National and youth Symphony Orchestra (Paraguay) and various Chamber orchestras in Argentina.

In 2007 María Jimena Carmona  obtained her bachelor in Arts degree with honours at The University of Arts in Buenos Aires.

She studied with renowned conducting teachers ,as Sian Edwards in UK, Jordi Mora in Spain (disciple of the legendary Sergiu Celebidache) Konrad von Abel(Germany), Achim Holub (Austria) and in Argentina the Dean of Conducting teachers and Opera Company Antonio Russo.

International Competitions

She was selected to the International Competition”Nino Rota”  (Italy) October of 2017

In September of 2013 was selected from among fifteen participants from all over the world to be presented at the prestigious International Competition in orchestral direction "Black Sea"(Constanta, Romania.

Concerts as a pianist

She gave recitals as a pianist in the Auditorium, at the National Conservatory " López Buchardo ,Golden Hall and CETC of the Colón Theater, among others

Ballet, Choir  piano accompanist (2010-2017) Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The following works are part of the repertoire studied and directed by María Jimena Carmona

Pergolesi: Stabat Mater

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons.

Corelli Concerto Grosso No. 4In Re greater and  Concerto grosso  No. 8 in g minor.

Bach: Concert Brandenburg No.1-6 , Magnificat, Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 5, the Double Concerto for violin and orchestra.

Haydn; Symphony N°44, 88, 91,104

Mozart: Requiem, overture  Magic flute ,

Symphony N ° 1,25, 29, 35, 38, 39, 40, 41,concert for piano and orchestra N ° 12 k 414 ,N°21 k 467

Schubert  Synphony 4,5 and 8

Beethoven: all Symphonies, overtures Egmont and Coriolano.

Mendelssohn: Symphony N ° 3, 4 , overture the Hébridas

Schumann: Symphony N°3, 4

Brahms: Symphony N°2, 3 “Tragic overture” N°4

Liszt: "The prelúdes”

M. Bruch: Concert for  violín and orchestra

Dvorak Symphony n°4

Grieg Suite Nro 1 Peer gynt

Prokofiev” Peter and the wolf” op 67

Saint Saëns Symphony N°2, Concert for cello and orchestra op 33

Gluzunov  Synphony N°5

Tchaikovsky: Concierto  para violín y orquesta, obertura  Romeo and Juliet, Symphony Nro 4, 5, 6

Mussorgsky Pictures at an exhibition

Debussy: Preludio a la siesta de un fauno

Stravinsky :ApollonMuságete, Dumbartos Oaks

Argentine and latin Music repertoire studied and directed

Ginastera Impressions of the  Puna

Márquez Danzón Nro 2

Luis Gianneo ;The  tarco in flower Criolla Dance, Incan Popular Songs

Silvestre Revueltas, Sensemaya, The  mayas night, Retablo.

Villalobos  BachianaBrasileraNro 4

Alfonso Leng, Andante

Julián Aguirre, Huella y gato.

Juan Plaza, Criolla and Romantic Fugue.

Manuel Ponce “ Night prints”

Bragato Three movements  Porteños

Juan carlos Zorzi  “ Eligiac Adagio ”

Piazzolla ;Porteños Seasons ,AdiósNonino, Libertango,the death of the ángel, Melancholy, Oblivion, years of loneliness

Chazarreta, Escondido

Legizamón Arenosa

Ariel Ramirez ;Alfonsina and the sea

Premiers of  Graciela Murano . C. Tabbush “ Popayán” etc.

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